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Maple Tree House provides Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training courses for individuals wishing to become certified practitioners of NLP. We provide a range of courses at different levels of certification, to allow for flexibility in how our clients apply NLP to their personal and/or professional lives. Our trainers operate at a high standard of teaching, working within the remit of the Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP). MTH aim to deliver the best courses that we can for individuals wanting to learn NLP.

Maple Tree House training courses include bespoke workshops, NLP Diploma courses and accredited NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training. All of our courses and workshops are designed to increase knowledge and understanding at both a conscious and unconscious level, allowing our participants to become unconsciously competent in the understanding of NLP.

You will be trained by ANLP accredited trainers with a wide breath of experience in business, management, education, health and psychological wellbeing. Our trainers have a passion for teaching NLP to individuals committed to making change. With 30 years experience, they will ensure that you have a positive and impactful journey throughout your learning process.

NLP Diploma

Our NLP Diploma teaches you the building blocks of NLP, such as how to implement tools that can create positive change in your life personally and professionally. The NLP Diploma is ideal for individuals looking to increase their awareness of how other people communicate. You will learn how to use these tools to boost your communication capacity.

We look at the history of NLP by learning about prominent figures who have shaped the NLP practice over the years. Learn how to pick up non-verbal signals from individuals whilst gaining an insight into how people work, think and make decisions.

The NLP Diploma is a great precursor to the NLP Practitioner course on which you will become a qualified accredited (ANLP) Practitioner of NLP

NLP Practitioner

Our NLP Practitioner course improves upon the skills you learn in the Diploma course. At practitioner level you will be of a standard where you are accredited to use your skills with clients to create great change. 

You will have the opportunity to further increase your communication skills by learning how to remove internal obstacles, create lasting positive change and enhance peoples performance.

The NLP Practitioner course is perfect for individuals that want to deepen their knowledge of NLP, become a certified practitioner of NLP and use it to get results for themselves and others.

Contact us for more information.

NLP Master Practitioner

The NLP Master Practitioner is the highest level course we provide and training is offered for those who have completed the practitioner course. Contact us for more information.

NLP Trainer's Training

Should you wish to continue your NLP training to deliver these skills to others, Maple Tree House offers personalised introductions to specific high quality NLP Trainer’s Training programmes. Contact us for more information.


Our workshops use NLP and show you how you can use it in your life to make the changes that you want to make. We work closely with you to identify your needs and desired goals so that you can operate at the peak of performance, manage change, capture individual expertise, and overcome weaknesses, fears and doubts whether that is as an individual or as an organisation.

All our workshops are built to your needs and we deliver online or in person across Northern England.

Previous workshops

Walking In Their Shoes​

A Developmental Workshop

Walking in Their Shoes is an ideal workshop to gain insight into how young people with developmental trauma interact with the world around them and communicate. We also take a look at how abuse and neglect cause a young person’s model of the world to form different links and attachments to those around them, in particular, peers and parental figures.

This one day workshop sheds light on how our minds work and how to get the most out of communicating with others. An ideal course for those who work with young people with seemingly destructive behaviour or those who wish to gain another perspective on how behaviours are driven.

From Fear to Freedom

Enabling Young People to Manage Change (2-day workshop)

Do you work with young people? Maybe you’re a carer or parent to a young person with challenging behaviour? Are you someone who wants to help young people in crisis? If you have contact with young people regularly then ‘From Fear To Freedom’ is the perfect workshop for you to build your knowledge and skills.

‘From Fear To Freedom’ focuses on techniques and skills that allow young people to manage themselves effectively.