About Us

Maple Tree House currently consists of Helena and Graham Megson. They have been married for 32 years and both started their journey in NLP within the same year, pursing different interests and areas of application. Together they provide a unique mix of skills to support you in a wide range of life changing work.

Helena Megson – NLP Trainer, B.A., C.Q.S.W., ANLP, TLTA

Helena Megson, NLP Trainer, Maple Tree House

Helena is a Trainer in NLP and Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis. Helena’s background is in health and social care, having worked in nursing, children services, adoption and management for over 30 years. Helena’s passion for NLP stems from seeing the rapid results that it delivers and realising the potential NLP has to change lives and empower people. Consequently, she qualified as an NLP trainer to share NLP skills with others.

Helena has practised as a Master Practitioner and Trainer in NLP for over 10 years with excellent results in therapeutic, coaching and group training arenas

‘NLP is one of the most powerful forms of personal development. It provides a range of rapid change techniques to assist an individual in realising their potential and transforming their personal and professional life.’

Graham Megson – NLP Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, B.Sc., PhD, MBA, ANLP, TLTA

Graham Megson, NLP Trainer, Maple Tree House

Graham is a Trainer of NLP, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis as well as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Graham’s background is in business and education with 30 years of professional experience. Working as a company director, project manager and at senior and executive levels in academia and business settings.

Graham’s interest in NLP has grown from seeing people grow. Having seen individuals and businesses grow through his work he started incorporating NLP into these facets of his life to accelerate positive change. With a particular interest in hypnosis he went on to do clinical hypnotherapy which has given him a deeper knowledge of the mind-body connection and how to utilise it.